Using the insight provided by Dr. Maria Montessori, Sacred Heart Kindergarten School applies the Montessori Method for our curriculum planning and the preparation of apt environment for teaching our lovable learners. We have a specialized and Activity Oriented MMI Lab to bring out congenital talents of a learner. The activities are well planned enough to lead to nurture domains that are important for the self grooming of a child. Such activities help in development of their sensorial skills, language skills, numerical skills, etc. This method aims at holistic personality development of the child through motor, sensory and intellectual activities.


The entire campus is under CCTV surveillance and a close vigilance is kept on the movement during working hours around the campus. The best safety is ensured in for every individual connected to SHKS family.


Our class rooms are so spacious and ventilated. The ambience inside the room is full of colours and vibrancy. All students are given exposure to experiential learning through small activities to understand the concepts. All the essentials required for our students made available in their classrooms and are child friendly as well as age appropriate. The aura of the classrooms helps the child to be self disciplined.

All the classrooms are under CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of students.


The Computer Lab helps the students to enhance their technological skills. It is equipped with a provision of individual work-station for all students under the guidance of teachers.
This Lab helps the students to gain a better understanding through practical training to make them more competent.


An Indoor Play Station is set ready at school for promoting physical well being and cognitive development of children . Learning occurs the best when children are actively engaged in meaningful activities and explore their surroundings. As children are given practice, it develops and changes to skill. We foster the skills for maintaining the wellness of our learners through these activities.
Our Indoor Play Station is designed to develop the gross and fine motor skills of our learners. All activities are done under the supervision of the experts.


To foster growth and development of our learners in a balanced way, SHKS has arranged a well built Outdoor Play Station in front of the main school building. The aim of setting up the play station is to make our students gain mastery over innate potentials and getting confidence. Skill mastery and development are the result of brain growth and development. The colourful workstation is the most fun loving zone of our school where students enjoy the most.


Medical room is one of the most important requirements for a place where young toddlers stay for long hours. Our school has a child-friendly medical room with all the amenities required to make students feel homey and comfortable. SHKS has well trained experts to attend any medical emergency effectively.


“Reading maketh a full man.” It develops language and vocabulary. Developing reading skills at an early age exposes children to a world of Literature and fantasy. Kids who develop the habit of reading at early stage develop a better sense of understanding. Reading creates curiosity and makes them inquisitive to know more about the world and its kind.
The reading area of our school is one of the favourite visiting places for our toddlers where they read books of their choice with the help of their teachers. Books with pictures and age-appropriate words hold a young child's attention.

We warmly huddle...


  • The students in Nursery are in the age group of 3 to 4 years and they come from warmth and comfort of their parents. Knowing this fact, our curriculum is designed to be child-friendly and activity based. Our curriculum provides them experiential learning, development of communication skill, learning with activities etc.


  • The students admitted in LKG are in the age group of 4 to 5 years. Early years’ physical and psychological development of a child is critical in building the foundation for a happy future. Our curriculum inculcates moral and social values in them through motivational stories and short poems. In this initial stage of learning, we diligently work together to induce lingual, social, cognitive, psycho-motor and moral skills of our learners.


  • The students admitted in UKG are in the age group of 5 to 6 years. The curriculum is designed to get enhanced with reading skills of English, Hindi as well as newly introduced Punjabi. We faultlessly take effort to enrich the skills attained by the students in their previous class and to heighten them to be prepared for Primary classes. Punjabi is introduced to students. .


Pandemic did not halt the learning experience of our learners. Our learners were filled with a feeling that the ambience of school reached their home through devices. Our parents were/have been a great support in making this effort a great success.
Even when the schooling commenced, after the post pandemic situation, we have continued imparting knowledge simultaneously through the hybrid platform [ Online & Offline ].