School Reception

The school Reception functions from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. All sort of information regarding the functioning of the school system is made available from here. Being the centre which connects the parents and school, it handles all the queries on daily basis.


SHKS has a tiny, lovely and solace abode of God. It is kept open during school hours.

  MMI LAB (Modern Montessori International Lab)

MMI LAB is based on the Activity-Oriented Teaching Methodology of Modern Montessori International, London. The lab is equipped with Imported Teaching Aids and Learning Tools. It has included activities mapped as per curriculum and are meticulously planned to deliver and enhance the teaching learning process in pre- schools. The Lab includes child friendly educational aids that cater cognitive needs of our young learners. This aims at integrating all the domains such as ecology, technology, numeracy, language and cognitive development.

Computer Lab  

The Computer Lab of SHKS is equipped with a provision of individual work-station for all students. Each student is individually guided by the subject experts. Our teachers help learners to understand their lessons through practical training provided them. The Computer Lab helps the students to enhance their technological skills.

  Reading Area

The reading Area is rudimentary enough to make our young learners fly out with their colourful wings. It is one of the favourite visiting places for our young minds to read books of their choice with the help of teachers. Here, ample number of books with pictures and age-appropriate words are provided to hold the attention of young children.

Play Area (Indoor)  

The Indoor Play Station is made available for promoting cognitive and motor development of children. The creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills of our students are developed with the help of learning activities conducted here. The students are actively engaged in meaningful activities to explore their surroundings.
Activities like Abacus, Puppet Theatre, MMI Tool kits etc. are designed to develop the gross and fine motor skills of our learners. All activities are done under the supervision of the experts.

  Play Area (Outdoor)

A well designed Amusement Park cum Play Area for our Tiny Tots coactive with waiter’s Lounge has been attached to our facilities. It is provided to foster growth and development of our learners. It is erected in front of the main school building. It is set up to make our students gain mastery over their motor activities and to get confidence in them. Moreover, their psycho motor growth and development happens when they actively participate in games.

School Activity Complex  

Kinetic and aesthetic skills of our students are tested and nurtured being in the commodious and fun filled Activity Hall.

  Sick Bay

School has a child-friendly medical room with all the amenities required to make students feel homey and comfortable. SHKS has well trained experts to attend any medical emergency effectively.

Elevators / Ramp  

We have Elevator Systems as per the International Educational Norms on either sides of the school building. It is envisaged to help the visitors as well as the students who face physical difficulties. Other than elevator, the school is furnished with a Ramp to help the ones who are in need of it.

  RO System

Reverse Osmosis System: Purified drinking water facility is provided with the school. It can supply purified water with the capacity of 1000 litre per hour. It is connected to tanks with 4000 litre storing capacity.

Solar Energy System   

SHKS is self-sufficient in its energy requirements. Our school is fitted with Solar Energy System for flawless power supply.

  Spacious Parking Area

Extensive and systematic parking provision is availed in front of the campus.